Our Policies & Procedures

Staffing Ratios

Community based special events and Day Camps have a targeted chaperone ratio of 1 staff to 4 participants.  In house special events (taking place in or at a park owned facility) have a targeted chaperone ratio of 1 staff to 8-10 participants.  Those registered for special events should be able to participate appropriately under this ratio.

If a participant requires special consideration and staffing ratios outside of the above-mentioned ratios, due to disabilities beyond their control, IRVSRA may have the ability to increase the ratio or event provide 1-on-1 services at no additional charge on a first come first serve basis.  Please see ‘Inclusion Services’ below for more about ratio considerations.

If a participant fails to participate appropriately outside of the above-mentioned ratios, due to behaviors within their control, please see ‘Code of Conduct’ below.

Electronics & Personal Items

Use of personal electronics on IRVSRA events is permissible at the risk of the owner. IRVSRA can not be held responsible for lost, broken, or stolen electronics or any other personal items such as wallets, purses, coats, money, etc.

Day Camp will have a seperate ‘Electronic Usage’ form to fill out expressing the parental/guardian approval of the individual camper bringing and using personal electronics during the camp day or designated ‘Free Times’.

Shuttle Bus / Transportation

Not available during COVD-19 and Restore Illinois Stage 4

Please be on time for Pickup (time the bus picks up your participant) and Drop-Off (time the bus returns ending the event).  The shuttle times listed in the brochure are when the bus leaves that location, so please be there a few minutes before. The event has a schedule to keep and must run on time.  The bus will not wait. If you are late you may be subject to having to meet the bus at its next destination on the schedule.

Code Of Conduct

Participant Guidelines Equal Access: No participant shall on the basis of race, gender, creed, national origin or disability be denied equal access to programs, activities, services or benefits or be limited in the exercise of any right, privilege, advantage or opportunity.

Behavior: Participants are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior at all times. Participants cannot be a threat to others or themselves.  Their behavior must be managable. The following guidelines have been developed to make IRVSRA programs safe and enjoyable for all participants. All IRVSRA participates participating in IRVSRA Special Olympic sport programs are subject to following the Special Olympic Illinois (SOILL) Athlete Code Of Conduct in addition to the IRVSRA Code of Conduct. Additional rules may be developed for particular programs as deemed necessary by staff.

Participants shall: Show respect to all participants and staff. Refrain from using foul language. Refrain from causing bodily harm to, or threatening other participants or staff. Show respect for equipment, supplies and facilities.

Discipline: A positive approach will be used on the first offense, usually a verbal redirection or reminder or the code of conduct. Upon further offenses, IRVSRA reserves the right to dismiss a participant immediately from the event as well as place a suspension on future participation for a designated amount of time. Each situation will be evaluated on its own merit and discussed fully with guardians and parents to ensure an appropriate discipline in response to the offense(s).  Participants with behavior or conduct that requires restraining to ensure safety to themselves or others will be deemed unmanageable and will be quickly removed from participation.  Staff will not, cannot, restrain participants.  Any “hold” of “carry” can be considered a restraint. 

Inclusion Services

IRVSRA is pleased to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations to make reasonable accommodations for participation, made on an individual basis. We will provide reasonable accommodations to all participants; as needed, as long as our IRVSRA is notified with in 2 weeks of the event start date. Time to prepare for those accommodations is required. Participants requiring 1-on-1 services must notify SRA at the time of registration and a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the start of the program date so we can make sure to have the appropriate required staff. 1-on-1 requests and notifications must be made via the inclusion request form found on on the www.irvsra.org website under ‘forms’. Budgetary concerns will be reviewed at the time of request, as IRVSRA reserves the right to deny a 1-on-1, due to staffing shortage and/or if it will create a budgetary hardship.

Examples of accommodations we will provide include:
- Allowing service animals in programs
- Avoiding or providing certain foods/drinks due to allergies or dietary health concerns (ie: peanuts, sugar free, lactose)
- Changing the rules of games/activities - as longs as it does not fundamentally alter the purpose of the game/activity
- Moving the program/activity from a non-accessible location to an accessible location
- Providing accessible shuttle transportation with in a program (dependant on availability)
- Providing sight and hearing aides, interpreters, or devices
- Providing additional staff
- Oral and Topical Medication Assistance with current “medication waiver” on file

Services we do not provide include those that are personal in nature such as:
- Toileting (we do offer reminders and verbal cues to the participant if need be)
- Diapers or changing of clothes - Feeding
- Invasive services such as:
- Injections
- Suppositories
- Catheterization
- g-tube feeding
- Epipen Auto-Injectors are excluded (See Invasive Medication)**

However, if a person requires such a service that we can not provide, they are still able to participate and bring with them a personal care attendant at no additional charge other than direct costs we may have to cover for special events (ie: sporting event tickets, movie tickets, restaurant food charges, etc…)

Inclusive Park Programs

IRVSRA recognizes that every individual with special needs and abilities does not always require a IRVSRA program. IRVSRA also can provide inclusion assistance with staffing and instructor needs outside of the standard ratio policies for any park program. IRVSRA staff are available to assist and advise participants concerning appropriate placement in either of our affiliated recreation department functions or programs. IRVSRA staff can contact the appropriate Pekin Park or Fon Du Lac Park District recreation department staff or you may have the recreation department contact IRVSRA. IRVSRA will work with the program’s manager to assure the participants has a smooth transition if they wish to be integrated into a recreation department program.

For more information about our multi park inclusion services contact us at the IRVSRA Rec. Center during business hours. 309.201.4005

Medication, Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco

Oral Medications
Dr. prescribed (oral) medications may be self or staff administered during events, programs, or day camps. We require notification and permission in the form of a “medication waiver” filled out and signed before the program’s start date. Day Campers will be issued a “medication waiver” at the time of registration. All other registrations will need to request a “medication waiver” from the office or download one from the website under ‘forms’.

Invasive Medications
Dr. prescribed (invasive or subdermal) medications may only be self administered during events, programs, or day camps. We require notification in the form of a “medication waiver” filled out and signed before the program’s start date. IRVSRA can help monitor or measure, if needed, but can and will not administer the medication. Day Campers will be issued a “medication waiver” at the time of registration. All other registrations will need to request a “medication waiver” from the office or download one from the website under ‘forms’. **Epinephrine injection devices such as an Epipen Auto-Injector will be administered in the event of a very serious allergic reaction in conjunction with a current PRN “medication waiver” on file.

Alcohol & Tobacco
All IRVSRA events/programs are alcohol and tobacco free. There is no substance use while participants are in our direct care. Special Olympics Illinois also has a similar policy for its athletes. There is no alcohol/tobacco usage allowed at SOILL sanctioned events, practices, or tournaments. 

Refund Policy

Full Refunds:
A pre-registered participant must contact the IRVSRA office via phone or email requesting to drop from the program prior to that program’s registration deadline to receive a full refund. Programs and activities with an unspecified deadline will have a deadline of 11:59pm on the Thursday prior to the event date.

Partial Refunds:
A case by case basis - If a program is dropped past the registration deadline but prior to the event, IRVSRA has the right, but no obligation, to issue a partial refund of the registration fee minus the direct costs already accumulated due to planning for said participants’ anticipated presence (ie: tickets, staffing ratios, supplies).

No Refunds:
Refunds will NOT be issued for ‘no-shows’. Forgetting to attend does not constitute a drop for refund. We will take partial refunds into consideration due to illness with a Dr’s Note or extreme family hardships such as death.

Refund Methods:
All refunds will be issued in the form of credits to the individual’s account to be used at a later date, unless otherwise directly requested. Other methods requestable are: Check or return to Credit/Debit Card. Cash refunds will not be issued under any circumstance.